How do you connect a ps4 to a computer monitor

How do you connect a ps4 to a computer monitor ? [Explained]

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Ah, the trusty PS4! A loyal companion for countless adventures across countless worlds. But what if your television decides to take a vacation just as you’re about to conquer the final boss? Fear not, fellow gamer! With a few simple steps and a dash of ingenuity, we can get your PS4 hooked up to your computer monitor and back in the fight in no time.

It’s a process I’ve helped countless gamers through over the years, and believe me, it’s a breeze! So, grab your trusty DualShock controller, dust off your monitor, and let’s get you back to gaming glory.

Necessary cables and adapters for connecting a PS4 to a computer monitor

Necessary cables and adapters for connecting a PS4 to a computer monitor

When connecting a PS4 to a computer monitor, you will need the following cables and adapters:

  • HDMI cable: This is the most common and recommended cable for connecting a PS4 to a computer monitor. Make sure you have an HDMI cable that supports the appropriate resolution and refresh rate for your monitor.
  • HDMI to DVI adapter: If your computer monitor only has a DVI input, you will need an HDMI to DVI adapter. This adapter allows you to connect the HDMI output from your PS4 to the DVI input on your monitor.
  • Audio cable (optional): If your computer monitor does not have built-in speakers or audio output, you may need an audio cable to connect the audio output from your PS4 to external speakers or headphones.

Compatibility requirements for using a computer monitor with a PS4

To use a computer monitor with a PS4, certain compatibility requirements need to be met:

  • Resolution support: The computer monitor must support the resolution of the PS4 output. Most modern monitors support at least 1080p resolution, which is the standard resolution for the PS4.
  • HDMI/DVI input: The computer monitor must have either an HDMI or DVI input port. These are the most common types of video inputs found on monitors.
  • Refresh rate support: The computer monitor should have a refresh rate that is compatible with the output of the PS4. A higher refresh rate can provide smoother gameplay, but it is important to ensure that both the console and the monitor can handle it.

Before purchasing a computer monitor for use with a PS4, it is recommended to check the specifications and ensure that it meets these compatibility requirements.

Identifying the correct input port on a computer monitor for connecting a PS4

Understanding Different Input Ports

When connecting a PS4 to a computer monitor, it is crucial to identify the correct input port to ensure compatibility and optimal performance. Computer monitors typically have various input ports, including HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, and VGA. Each of these ports has its advantages and limitations.


HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is the most common and recommended port for connecting a PS4 to a computer monitor. It supports both high-definition video and audio signals in a single cable, providing excellent picture quality and sound output.


DisplayPort is another popular option that offers high-quality video transmission. It supports higher resolutions and refresh rates than HDMI, making it ideal for gamers who prioritize visual clarity and smooth gameplay.


DVI (Digital Visual Interface) is an older port that can still be found on some computer monitors. While it does not support audio transmissions like HDMI or DisplayPort, it can deliver high-quality video signals up to 1080p resolution.


VGA (Video Graphics Array) is an analog connection that is becoming less common in modern computer monitors. It has limited resolution capabilities and does not support audio transmission. However, if your monitor only has VGA as an option, you can use an HDMI-to-VGA adapter to connect your PS4.

It is essential to check the available input ports on your computer monitor before connecting to a PS4. This will ensure that you choose the appropriate cable or adapter for seamless connectivity.

Adjusting settings on a computer monitor before connecting a PS4

Before connecting your PS4 to a computer monitor, it is advisable to adjust certain settings on the monitor to enhance your gaming experience. Here are some key settings you should consider:

1. Display Mode:

Most computer monitors offer different display modes such as Standard, Game, Movie, or Custom. Selecting the Game mode can optimize the monitor’s settings for gaming, providing better contrast, color accuracy, and response time.

2. Brightness and Contrast:

Adjusting the brightness and contrast levels ensures that you have a well-balanced image on your monitor. Set the brightness level to a comfortable level that does not strain your eyes during long gaming sessions. Experiment with contrast settings to find the optimal balance between dark and light areas in games.

3. Response Time:

Response time refers to how quickly pixels can change from one color to another. Lower response times reduce motion blur and ghosting effects during fast-paced gameplay. Look for a “Gaming” or “Fast” response time setting on your monitor if available.

4. Refresh Rate:

The refresh rate determines how many times the screen updates its image per second. Higher refresh rates result in smoother visuals and reduced input lag. If your monitor supports a higher refresh rate (e.g., 120Hz or 144Hz), ensure that it is enabled in the display settings.

By adjusting these settings before connecting your PS4 to a computer monitor, you can optimize visual quality and responsiveness for an immersive gaming experience.

How do you connect my wired PS4 controller to my PC?

How do you connect my wired PS4 controller to my PC

Don’t let a darkened TV screen extinguish your gaming fire! With a twist of fate and a dash of tech know-how, we can revive your PS4 adventure on your trusty computer monitor. Imagine – a portal to your favorite worlds, condensed onto a more intimate screen. This isn’t just a fix, it’s an opportunity to rediscover the magic.

The process is a breeze. We’ll unite your PS4 with your monitor using a trusty HDMI cable, acting as a modern-day explorer’s bridge. With a flick of the switch, your monitor will awaken, ready to display the vibrant landscapes you crave. A quick menu navigation might be needed to select the correct HDMI input, but fear not, it’s an intuitive adventure.

The final step? Fine-tuning the experience. Imagine customizing the display settings, and transforming your monitor into a personalized window into your favorite games. With a few clicks, you can optimize the brightness, contrast, and sharpness, ensuring every detail shimmers. So, dust off your monitor, grab your controller, and prepare to reignite the thrill. The world awaits, and your PS4 adventure is about to be reborn.

Connecting multiple PS4 consoles to one computer monitor simultaneously

Using a HDMI splitter

If you want to connect multiple PS4 consoles to one computer monitor simultaneously, you can use a HDMI splitter. A HDMI splitter allows you to split the HDMI signal from one console into multiple outputs, which can then be connected to the computer monitor. This is a convenient option if you have limited display inputs on your monitor.

Switching between consoles

When connecting multiple PS4 consoles to one computer monitor, it’s important to consider how you will switch between the different consoles. One option is to use a manual switch box that allows you to manually select which console’s output is displayed on the monitor. Another option is to use a remote-controlled switch box that allows you to switch between consoles with the press of a button.


In no time, you’ll be back in the heart of the action, vanquishing foes and exploring breathtaking landscapes. So, don’t let a temporary TV malfunction sideline your gaming experience. With this simple process, you can transform your computer monitor into a trusty battle station and reignite the fire of your PS4 adventures!

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